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Never Miss A Monday Workout

Can you believe that it’s this time of year already? The time of frost on car windows and the leaves starting to leave from trees. It feels like it was just January, I blinked, and now it’s nearing the end of the year. It can feel like time blinks by in terms of workouts too. There have been plenty of times, far too many times where I had the best of intentions of working out throughout the week. Times where I literally told myself that “Next week I’m gonna stick to my workout plan!”, then didn’t. As more and more weeks skipped by without me accomplishing my fitness goals, I started to wonder how to change things, in order to achieve what I set out to achieve. That’s when I discovered a pivotal philosophy: never miss a Monday workout. Because we all lead such busy lives and have so much on our plates it’s hard to carve out time to workout. But if you fully commit to never missing a Monday workout you’ll see your fitness ethic change dramatically, for the best! Starting the week out fully charged with a workout means that you are already setting the pace of how your week is going to go! You’re carrying out your plan of caring for you. Because we know that working out is caring for your precious body, which is you. Monday workouts mean that no matter what ensues throughout the week you’ve already got one exercise day under your belt. All of these elements will make you feel powerful! Try this never miss a Monday workout philosophy and let us know how you like it.  

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