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Fashion Month Standout: Ivan Gunawan for NYFW SS2024

Refreshing. That’s the take on the collection from Ivan Gunawan, from the Spring Summer New York Fashion Week shows. I’ll have to add in another word that hasn’t been used much in the recent past in terms of fashion- wearable. We are now in a period of fashion time where we are seeing pieces that one could actually wear in day to day living. 

This is a thrilling time! Because so much of fashion before now has been about art, which of course we love to see, and the showiness aspect of said art, but that did not always translate over to producing wearable clothes. The fashion month standouts for the coming year of Spring Summer 2024 all share this in common. You could see them being worn anywhere, by anyone. Fashion as we know it has become more and more accessible. 

The first collection and designer we will discuss is Ivan Gunawan. Each selection in this collection could have just as easily stood on its own. Yet we see an intricate weaving of a theme. In its use of texture, beading, drapery, it gave exquisite examples of workmanship. Let’s dive into the looks! 

Somebody is wearing this to an event. Period. This is for the girl that’s daring but enjoys the classics. From the fit to the shoes, to the entirety of the accessories, this look gave what it needed to give for the fashion forward girl. There was enough on the sleeves to be daring yet it was pleasing to the eye in terms of classic aesthetics to be able to be worn to various social events. 

Sweet as a piece of cake. The structure of this dress in that it resembles tiers is breathtaking. It makes this type of thing wearable for all body styles. And they’d look good in it. You could easily wear this dress anywhere from brunch to a cocktail party. 

Did not miss with this pantsuit! Not one look was missed. She gives flowing fabrics with the pull-in-ability of a corset. Two very different types of looks seamlessly applied. Pantsuits are very much in right now, as are corsets, so this designer shows they have their finger on the pulse. Especially since we are seeing a revival of power suits and 80’s nostalgia. 

Now you know I love a good cape, a good drape, a good shawl. Well, this is all of those combined. It’s everything. Check out the beading, the threading. It gives,  It is the epitome of glamorously gold. 

This gown is the finale for me. The tailoring is literally exquisite. It hugs the model's body yet gives it room to flow. So much so that one is able to see that this piece is of the moment yet pushing forward for the use of sheer fabrics. Bravo to Ivan Gunawan for a riveting collection! 


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