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About Otaymah Bonds

Otaymah Bonds is the owner and CEO of Eternal Women Inc, an non-profit organization for the upliftment of women and girls focusing on self-esteem building through education, counseling, and the arts. She is also the creator and CEO of Queenin, an innovation pageantry resource and apparel company. 


Bonds is a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle expert. She is an influencer who frequently writes for Fashion Mingle, Fashion Decode, Estelle Magazine, Examiner, and other publications, and has been featured in Essence Magazine, and LoveBrownSugar at New York Fashion Week. She is the reigning Ms Heart of GU, Ms Michigan Heart of GU, Ms Michigan Ameriqueen, Ms StarJewel Supreme, and Ms Detroit. She has been featured by Black Girls Reign and Pageants News. 


Ms Bonds wholeheartedly believes in community service and giving back. She is the president of three service platforms within her community: 1. Superb Seniors-an outreach group for senior citizens, 2. Sunday's Hope-an organization working to end animal abuse, and 3. Aunties Love-a big brother, big sister program for children with incarcerated parents. Otaymah Bonds also frequently volunteers for the University of Michigan and the Humane Society. 

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