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The True Definition Of Self Care And Why You Should Be All About It

Ah, it’s self care day so I’ll just pull out my sheet mask facial treatment, my cucumbers for my eyes, and lay down. Isn’t that self care? Doesn’t that sound like the perfect self care moment? Actually, what I just described is the current version of self care that people think of whenever the term “self care” comes up. This method operandi may spring to mind because of all the Instagram and media posts you see that feature facials, scrubs, and the like, linked to the phrase “self care”. Don’t get us wrong, having a facial or putting on a face mask can be great, but self care is so much more than that. True self care is just what the phrase denotes-caring for oneself. Now hold on to your cucumbers… Truly exercising self care means that you should be caring for yourself on a daily basis. Shocking, I know. You may be gasping and saying, “So self care isn’t about those one or two times out the month you do an at home spa day?!” To which I answer, “No, it is not.” The essence of self care goes far beyond cleaning your face. Let’s use skin care as an example. The typical self care post would have you think a facial is enough to get your care on. True self care looks more like making sure to clean your face morning and night, never going to bed with your makeup on, finding out which skin type you are, getting products for that skin type, applying them religiously, and doing facials. Do you see where we are going with this? True self care is intricate and it’s purposeful, with the intent to actively and consistently care for yourself. That means eating well, consistently. Meditating, consistently, or if you don’t meditate (which we hope you do) it looks like taking moments out of each day for quiet reflection. Self care also lends itself to our relationships. In relationships caring for oneself means creating and enforcing healthy boundaries. It can also mean expressing your emotions in a healthy way, communicating, not taking on more than you can handle, or even evaluating your relationships to make sure they are not toxic. Are these methods of self care foreign to you? If so, that means you really need to start enforcing some regular care for y-o-u as soon as possible. Reach out to us if you are having difficulty enacting or sticking to your self care. We are always happy to help you navigate and figure out what needs to be tweaked in order for you to feel and look your best, inside and out.  

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