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Holiday Self Care

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” It’s also the most stressful time of the year. Between the regular work life balance, struggle and holiday parties, family obligations, shopping, cooking, and anything else you’d like and have to do, it can feel like you are stretched thin during the holidays. Here’s our quick guide to beat the holiday humbugs. Let’s get into some holiday self care!  1.Take naps You heard us. This may seem counterintuitive and you might be asking, “When the heck am I supposed to get time for a nap?” Right now, actually. Now is the perfect time. If you are asking when on earth is Carmen San Diego are you gonna get a nap, that means you really need one. Right. Now. Naps are great because they literally replenish your energy. They’re also awesome because we generally become sleep deprived during the holidays, which leads to irritability. Hello grumpy shoppers! To avoid all this all you need is a quick half hour snooze. Then you can literally wake and bake. 2.Set a timer Alarm, timer, whichever you prefer, just set something to remind you to eat. When you are hustling and bustling it’s easy to forget to eat. Set your timer to countdown from the last time you ate, that way you can monitor how long it’s been since you had a nosh, with a quick glance, then when it’s time, you can get some grub. 3.Make Lists You know how Santa makes lists, then checks them twice? Do yourself a favor and do the same thing. Way too often we go on the fly and think that we can remember everything: all we have to buy, do, finish, but we can’t. We are only human. During times when it’s more stressful it’s even more difficult to remember details. Write things down and spare yourself the frustration of forgetfulness. 4.Schedule downtime You’re scheduling everything else, why not schedule me time. Make this time solely about you. Do what you enjoy during this time. This way you’ll be recharged. If this means telling your loved ones you’re taking a mo, then so be it. On behalf of Eternal Women, we sincerely wish you and yours a happy, healthy holiday! 

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