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Steve’s Mediterranean Lentils and Rice

Steve’s Mediterranean can be purchased here Steve’s Mediterranean .  

I was ravenous, simply ravenous. That’s how this food adventure began. I wasn’t quite sure what to eat and I had forgotten my snack bag. A rare occurrence. Though I was already going on with my day and didn’t have my supplies, I was determined to still eat healthfully. After a quick look around I decided to go a nearby Kroger. Girl am I glad I did! I looked on the shelves and saw a product I had never seen before: Steve’s Mediterranean Lentils and Rice. I read the label and determined this was a go. Another food quest in the making! One bite of Steve’s and I was transported to two places: Italy and a restaurant with the best pizza imaginable. Don’t ask me how they did it (I suspect it’s the sun dried tomatoes) but they somehow managed to get the taste of pizza into their lentils and rice. If you’re eating with health in mind and you miss the taste of a good ole pizza, this product is perfect for you. 

Each bite is crisp, yet savory. There is no grainy overkill in terms of texture, that can sometimes happen with lentils. The sauce used isn’t overpowering, nor is the overall taste. If you’re in need of a quick yet nutritious pick-me-Up you might want to give Steve’s a go. As you can see from the candid pics, the lentils and rice is full of good for you yumminess. Happiness and health, warriors!  

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