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Get Ready For Bikini Season

It’s that time: the moment before bikini season. Have you started working to get your bikini body? Has the thought of what it takes to have your best body crossed your mind, in terms of swimsuit season? Here’s the thing: there is no magic pill for achieving fitness. There is no fad diet or hyped up eating trend of the moment that's going to get you there. Here is what it REALLY looks like to get ripped. It’s just you, the weights, and willpower. That’s right, Warrior! If you want to achieve your fitness goals you’ve got to hunker down and do the work. W-O-R-K. In this moment I’m right there with you. I’ve got on my ankle weights, protective hand gear, gym shoes, workout clothes. But most of all I’ve got on my willpower. If you want it, you’ve got to go at it. What are your body goals this season? Are you working on a transformation? Please share what you’re doing with the Eternal Warrior community! 

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