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Best Self Care Practice Ever

So many women don’t get enough me time: whether it’s from caring for others before themselves, being ultra busy, or just being many things at many times. Your birthday is the perfect time to lavish love, affection, and attention on yourself. This is the one time of the year that’s totally about Y-O-U. I encourage every woman to see their birthday as their moment to reflect on their lives, uplift themselves, and nurture the beauty that they are. Most people only celebrate their lives on this solitary day, if they do at all. Why not celebrate all month long, or the week leading into your birthday, or for a solid weekend? After all, it can be difficult to cram a host of activities into one day. Maybe you’d like to do this by yourself but you would also love to spend time with loved ones. Kicking off your birthday festivities early allows you to do all the events you’d like; plus it can ensure that you really take the time to celebrate YOU. So on this, my birthday week, I invite you to think of your next birthday as a total festival of you-ness, and totally get into yourself. I’m off to get my birthday pedicure, as I continue to have a ball, living a life of intentional joy. 

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