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Vernors Soda

I recently saw an entire debate on Twitter about the best ginger ale. Many chimed in exclaiming it was Canada Dry or other brands. The discussion left out the real MVP of ginger ale: Vernors!

Vernors is a Michigan based brand, so you may not have it where you live. But I’m telling you it’s worth it to get it shipped to you. This is especially true for my fellow intestinal issues babes, like myself. Vernors will literally change your life.

It doesn’t just settle your stomach, Vernors will straight up clear your sinuses 🤣 In no way am I kidding. This stuff is stronggity strong, girls. When you open it you will most likely start coughing. No joke 😅

I usually pop (see what I did there?) open some diet Vernors when I’m feeling extremely nauseous. Unfortunately, Vernors put high fructose corn syrup in their regular, non diet soda, so I can no longer drink it. Hopefully, they’ll change the formula back to its original. Until then, diet it is. If you’re having some tummy troubles try Vernors.


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