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Queen Nefertiti Metallic Makeup

I feel like I’m giving Nefertiti in this look. Something about applying jewel toned makeup always makes me feel so regal. I wanted to amp up the idea of a golden bronze goddess with this look. Instead of coloring within the lines for each product used, I bent the usage for all of them.

Mixing and matching is one of my favorite things to do in fashion. Why use an item solely for what it’s often stated that its use is for? Why not be creative and express my individuality.

Products used:

MAC Spoiled Fabulous lipstick

Fenty Trophy Wife Highlighter

Elf Everyday Smoky eyeshadow palette

Milani Baked Bronzer

Juvia’s Place Bronzed Duo

MAC Dipped Down

I love MAC lipsticks and this one in particular, Spoiled Fabulous, is one of my loves from this brand. I used this as both a lipstick and a highlighter stick, mixing it along the upper cheekbone, along with the Fenty, Trophy Wife highlighter. I also applied the lipstick, using it as a cream highlighter, along the upper apple of the cheeks. I really wanted my cheeks to pop and do a nice harmonious, albeit sharper contrast with the products discussed below.

I also placed the Fenty, Trophy Wife, highlighter directly under the eye, as well as all along the bridge of the nose, and the mid brow area, between both brows. This was done to achieve a sort of “glow from within” glam, no makeup, makeup effect. On the exact outer cheekbone I layered the Trophy Wife and Milani Baked Bronzer, creating the illusion of melted metallics.

Taking the Juvia’s Place Bronzed Duo, I put the darker shade under the cheekbones, to do a nice rich contour, toward the ear, and the lighter shade moving toward the nose, stopping at the center of the cheek.

Elf’s Everyday Smoky palette, one of my staples, was used as is except I did swipe the bronze color only in the center of the lips, along with the Trophy Wife on top, to create a rich depth. Another beauty stay, MAC’s Dipped Down, was used on the entirety of the brow.


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