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Queen Charlotte Bridgerton Regency Era Halloween Look

I’ve said it before, and I’m saying it again: I’m a MAC girl. MAC has been inclusive even before brands right now began to focus on being more inclusive. They did so by including a wide range of shades of all products, since day one. MAC has also always had the most pigmented products. This has always been my favorite thing about MAC Cosmetics. I knew that whatever I picked up, be it a lipstick, eyeshadow, or anything, whatever shade the thing was, was what it would be on me. And that’s on period. MAC has always utilized models of color and us girls of color knew that we could count on MAC to support our colorful makeup dreams. There has never ever been a type of “dark girls can’t wear color” attitude at MAC, like there was (and low key still is) at other brands. 

The other reason I’ve always loved MAC Cosmetics is because of its unwavering support of those with HIV/AIDS and all the VIVA Glam products produced that go towards AIDS research. I’ve purchased every single VIVA Glam and I always will. MAC shows support of women and girls and the LGBTQIA+ community, and unlike other brands, they show their support with real action. 

This year, in celebration of my love of my bestie, MAC Cosmetics, I’m using only MAC products for my Halloween look. This Halloween season I am going full classic glam as Bridgertons own, Queen Charlotte. Being that my name is Otaymah, which means queen, it seemed only right that I represent royalty. Speaking of royalty, I opted for royal metallic colors of silver, gold, and bronze. You see people wearing those colors, but not usually all together, at the same time. 

I wanted to do something different by combining all three into one look. I accented the metallics with Bridgerton blue, as well as giving a rich blush, and soft toned pink lip. Because rouge was all the rage back in the times of Bridgerton. I also tuned into that and made my own set of Korean blush nails. And I couldn’t forget to add my very own vintage hand fan. To represent, my beloved MAC, I’m donning my MAC gold chain, and to amp up the Queen Charlotte vibe, I’m dripping in diamonds and pearls. Including pearls and gold artistically displayed in my hair, just like the fabulous hair artwork shown on Bridgerton. A girls gotta give the complete look. Hello, darling! 💄💅🏽

Here are the steps and products for this look: 

💄Prime the eyes with 24 hour extend eye base

💄Apply High Concept on the inner corner of the eye, to just before the middle of the lid 

💄Next, place If It Ain’t Baroque in the middle of the lid

💄Then put Fan the Flames on the outer edge of the lid 

💄Use What’s the Pointilism to highlight the brow bone 

💄Then blend till you can’t blend no mo, lol 

💄Place Hi-Def Cyan on the waterline of the eye 

💄Graphblack liner goes on the lash line, making sure not to elongate. The classic look was more doe eyed back then. 

💄MAC stack for your life on the lashes

💄Use medium deep mineralize skin finish all over the face 

💄Full fuchsia blush is placed only on the apples of the cheeks, then blended downward 

💄Vanilla pigment is put on the Cupid’s bow of the lips, and softly extended outward 

💄Vanilla is also placed on the upper cheekbone as a very subtle highlight 

💄Prep and prime the lips 

💄Then put the classic, Mehr, on the lips

💄Use a small brush to soften the edges of the lips, to create a soft blurred effect 

I had a ball creating this Queen Charlotte look. I really wanted to encompass the masterful hair art, makeup art, and ornamentation, with attention to detail that the talented craftsmen and women do for the show. Doing this activated my creativity and made me step out of my comfort zone, which I loved. 

The fan that is in this picture is an antique, from my own hand fan collection. It was gifted to me by my father. The pearls in my hair are actually from the strands of pearls that I wore at my prom. They were handed down to me from my mother, after they were given to her by my great Aunt Maxine. They’re a family heirloom. Note that I’m wearing blush nails as well. This set was handcrafted by me. They illustrate the greater use and love of rouge that was in vogue during the regency era. 

Wishing you a safe and fun Halloween weekend! 


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