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Quarantine Birthday

I can’t believe it’s my birthday time again and we are still in quarantine. But instead of letting this situation get me down I’m going to look on the bright side and be grateful. I’m grateful to see another year. I’m grateful for the strides I’ve taken in bettering myself. I’m grateful for the courage to accept myself, flaws and all. I’m grateful for all the love in my life. I’m grateful for all my senses. I’m grateful for all the gifts and talents The Creator has bestowed upon me. I’m grateful to have a platform and a voice. I’m grateful for life and living it fully!

With that I’m saying “Happy birthday to me!” I’m celebrating my life and the gift of life, no matter the circumstances, no matter who is or is not around me. This current quarantine situation makes me think of some sage advice I was given.

One of my cousins once told me that your bday should be about you and only you, that one must do what makes oneself happy and that your birthday isn’t about the calls, texts, parties. It’s about you loving on you. Because it is up to you to make you happy.

I fully understand what she meant now, especially due to being in quarantine and not having the ability to socialize. So, on this day, I’m wishing myself a beautiful birthday and telling myself how proud of myself I am, and enjoying my own company.

If you have a birthday coming up I urge you to see the bright side in being in quarantine and having a birthday. It is still possible to have a great time by reflecting inward and being self-aware of what you need, and giving yourself those things. Now is the time to truly pour love into yourself. Perhaps rest if you’ve been needing to, or have a solo party. The objective is to see this as an opportunity not a hindrance. Happy birthday to all my quarantine birthday warriors!


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