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My Word For This Year

My word for this year is victory. Some people don’t believe in energy shifts for the new year. You hear there is no such thing as shifts in insight due to the new year. There are those that believe that the whole “new year, new me” phrase is nonsense. Because they don’t think people can change. Or, they view New Year’s resolutions as futile, stating that most people don’t adhere to them past January, or some other early part of the year, or at all. 

I am not some people. I believe that one must seize opportunities and that change is possible. Furthermore, there are moments where grasping such chances are supremely beneficial to institute seismic shifts. The beginning of the year is one of those times. It offers us a prime time to recalibrate. 

This is the instance to really search inside to determine what you’d like to see happen for yourself. This is the time for soul searching. This is a great minute to focus on you and only you, to map out the you you’d like to become. And then execute said plan. 

My focus this year is sheer and utter, total victory. I’m talking victory over any and all. Chiseling down your focus for the year into one word does a a few things: 1.It gives you a one second reminder of your endgame. For days when you feel down or that you can’t do what you’ve tasked yourself, having a word to recall can remind you of why you embarked on the journey. 2.Repeating that word can act as a powerful mantra. The more one states things, the more they are believed. 3.It can center you, grounding you. 

What’s your word for this year? I challenge you to believe in the power of change this year.


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