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It’s Ok To Lose

When every day is a battle it’s okay to lose some days. It’s important to remember that every day is not going to be a win. But do you realize the best time to recall this info? The best time to really get this into your head is when you’re having a great day.

Recite this when the sun is shining. Repeat it on days you feel extra cute. Say it again and again in times where everything feels like it’s flowing well. If you do this, then on days when you’re feeling plain awful and you recall this information, you’ll actually believe it.

The reason you don’t begin saying these types of positive things to yourself only on days when you feel down is because you won’t have it in you to recall it because you have not made believing it a habit. This type of positive reinforcement has to be habitual. Has to be! Otherwise, the clouds that cover in bleak moments can be so thick that it is difficult to see the light.

When you’re feeling like everything is going your way, like life is shining in you, pile on the positivity. Really pour it on thick so it becomes engrained. Then, those times you’re feeling blue or even on days when you feel a little off, repeat those same things until they sink in and the clouds dissipate. The more you state uplifting affirmative statements on your good days the faster you will be able to move those clouds on dark days.


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