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It Is Time To Tell My Story

I’ve prayed about it. I’ve cried about it. I’ve thought about it... and I think it’s time to tell my story.

I have been noticeably absent for the past couple years. I watched like a bystander as my entire life and all I knew was ripped from me in what felt like one fail swoop. Little by little, I started missing events. Next it was family endeavors. Then nothing. I think it’s time to tell my story and all the things that have transpired, in hopes that I can help another person to not experience the horror that I did.

In this new year I am casting aside shame, fear, and all the pain. I’m choosing to talk about it all. I want to show that all that glitters isn’t gold; the person affirming the most can be the person struggling to stay alive, the hardest. Smiles can be used in order to salvage all the broken pieces inside.

Social media, blogs, and the internet in general isn’t always about presenting a carefully curated self, a life for others to aspire to. It is about discussions, revealing the truth, even if that includes struggles and imperfect pictures. This is life. And this year I’m going to fully live, by not concealing my fights. I refuse to be stagnant. I refuse to live in fear. I refuse to not have a discourse due to what others may or may not say or think. This is my life.... This is me.


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