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I Am A Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Warrior

Unfortunately the end of my pain story wasn’t in sight even after being diagnosed with both endometriosis and PCOS. After surgeries, after a slew of doctors appointments, after consultations, I was still in pain. Doctors insisted I shouldn’t be; I insisted I was. Thus began an extremely lengthy battle of me advocating for my health, for the acknowledgement of the pain I was still in. 

There was so much back and forth that a pattern emerged: I would say I am in pain, doctors would say no you are not, you can’t be after everything we’ve done. I’d say I am still feeling discomfort, doctors would say let’s run some tests. After said testing was done, they would then state that they had no idea why I was still experiencing issues. Then that cycle would repeat. Numerous times. So many times that I lost count and nearly lost hope. 

I fought tooth and nail to get a referral to see a specialist (shouldn’t have had to fight for this right but more on that another time). After a very long time and what resulted in me literally pleading with my doctor to seek additional treatment, I was finally granted a referral to go to the University of Michigan Women’s Hospital, to see a specialist about my conditions. And Lo and behold: I have severe pelvic floor dysfunction (PFD). 

Many may know about pelvic floor dysfunction from the many videos on incontinence, kegels, etc some women have issues with after pregnancy. That’s basically where the buck stops as far as info on PFD. And then there’s me, Lol. The difficulties I face with this condition daily fall outside the very limited realm of knowledge most have about PFD. 


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