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I Am A PCOS Warrior

One day I started bleeding, on my cycle, and never stopped. This bleeding went on for three years. What occurred during and after was and will forever be a travesty... I knew something was wrong with me even before the incessant loss of blood.

I went to doctor after doctor and had multiple surgeries, to no avail. I didn’t get one moment of relief. They could not determine what was giving me issue. After each surgery I sank deeper and deeper into sadness. I didn’t know it then, but I started to withdraw; from activities, from life. I was frustrated and bewildered. Frustrated because I just wanted relief and due to the fact that not only could the medical professionals I trusted not figure out what was wrong, they treated me so badly.

I wasn’t listened to. I was told what I felt. I was understood. I was pretty much dismissed. So I decided to reach out to my family to see if they’d ever gone through anything like I was presently feeling. This led to me being given the name of an OBGYN that finally put a name to what I was experiencing: PCOS.


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