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Honor Nature

My dad is basically Dr. Dolittle. He taught me to honor nature as a beautiful part of life that is to be respected and treated with the utmost care. It is part of our traditional Native American religious beliefs that we uphold.

There isn’t a time that I remember growing up that we didn’t have animals. When I say animals I don’t necessarily mean pets. We have had every sort of animal you can think of, be it in our house, as a pet, or outside the house, as a welcome guest.

One such pet was this opossum pictured here. He and his wife were guests at our home for a very long time. After a while, once we gained their trust, they’d bring us their babies, and we’d help feed them. I named them Mr and Mrs Possum and their little ’uns.

Pictured here is a kind of safe space we made for them. It had all the food for their family. As well as blankets and things for them to burrow in to keep warm. Of course we provided water and we even had heat for them. Wouldn’t want the babies to get cold. How cute is Mr Possum!


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