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Happy Holidays

My mother and I have a tradition of going to see the tree at Campus Martius, every year. We love it because watching the tree become illuminated is akin to the feeling you feel when getting into the Christmas spirit: nothing but pure joy. You know that feeling, when you tap into the holiday.

The Campus Martius tree truly rivals the tree in Times Square, in New York. Before you say anything, yes, I have seen NY at Christmas time. I have seen it many, many times. Though it is a sight to behold, I would argue that the tree in downtown Detroit is just as beautiful.

It is as large, as magnificent. People don’t like giving Detroit its flowers. They want Detroit and those who inhabit the city or even come from the city to be looked at negatively. Well, friends, that simply isn’t true. I am fighting to change that negative stigma about our city and her citizens.

On behalf of Eternal Women, we would like to wish a Happy holidays to each and every one of you, and yours 🎄🧕🏾🥧🎼🎏🎊🎁🕎

We choose to say happy holidays because: even if you don’t believe the same way we do, or look like we do, or worship the same as us, or at all… we still love you. And we respect your choices. Happy holidays, everyone!


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