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Graffiti Alley

Eternal women is proudly Detroit made, serving the entire Detroit metro area, and the world 🌏🌍  Here I am at Graffiti Alley, in Ann Arbor, MI. Have you seen this historic art space? If not, once travel is back in swing, give it a visit. Feast your eyes on some true creativity 🎨

Graffiti Alley is located off of East Liberty in Ann Arbor, Michigan. But when you step inside the space it feels as though you have entered another realm. For starters, the location is more like a hideaway, nearly tucked inside (hidden really) one of the more bustling streets in the college town. As soon as you enter Graffiti Alley the atmosphere changes. You move into an artscape. 

The hideaway was originally an alleyway that consisted of graffiti which was painted over by Katherine Cost, in 1999. But the individual street artists would not have it, and they painted over her artwork with graffiti fairly quickly after its completion. Since then every inch of the area has been painted with unique graffiti designs by tons of individual, independent artists. 

Graffiti Alley serves as an ever evolving, living work of art that pays homage to artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat, Futura 2000, and Keith Haring; all prominent graffiti artists that emerged in the 1980’s, marking the upsurgence of the art form. If you haven’t had the pleasure of feasting your eyes on Graffiti Alley, make it a point to visit there. You’ll be able to see some truly amazing art at no cost. It’s something the whole family will enjoy. 


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