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Fashion Month Standout: Bruce Glen

Fashion month always feels like it goes by in the blink of an eye. It’s the most exciting time of the year for us fashion lovers, and it never seems to last long enough. When I began to go to the various fashion weeks across the globe I started to notice something: there are collections that stand out from the pack. Those designs that speak to me. Designers that don’t just present clothing, they tell a story. Something which pulls you in.

This year's fashion month standout was resoundingly clear to me. As soon as I saw this collection I felt a stirring in my spirit and my interest was beyond piqued. The one that stood out is none other than: Bruce Glen. Twins, Bruce and Glen, gave us a real, fantastic point in time. Not only were garments given, the tale of their life, how and when they began to design, and their influences, were spoken to. Not only that, but, social influences, like the desire to better one’s life, providing for one’s parent(s), and things that have been largely denied the Black community, were also touched upon.

That’s why this collection hit home: it goes beyond the typical clothing being shown. The audience feels a deeply personal connection to the designers, their clothing, and the story being told. It feels as though you are experiencing an intimate, spiritual moment in time. A moment that is both yours and the creators. It’s mastery in storytelling, making it a different kind of presentation structure.

What initially drew me to Bruce Glen was the colors they used. I love bright bold coloring and this presentation did not disappoint in that area! Let’s glance at the looks. All photography is by Qiao Qiao.

This look weaves together round the way girl and one the hottest trends of today's time- Athleisure.

Fresh yet all the while feeling as though the look would be at home in the movie “Low Down Dirty Shame”, donned by Jada Pinkett Smith’s character, Peaches. There is a modern, fresh feel to this, even though it could’ve been worn in the 90’s. It definitely is a nod to that timeframe, logo usage and all.

Ombré of life, honey! When I tell you I’d rock this look, that is what I mean! Everything about this says, Otaymah. The fullness of color, the way the colors are plentiful yet in harmony. Oh yes, this one is my fav from this collection.

Brunch anyone? Both this slip dress and flare pants get up say it’s a day out with the girls.

Even the accessories popped, honey Chile!

There is only one critique I give of Bruce Glen’s presentation: it would’ve been nice to have seen their moms glitter nails or a more ornate nail art look, on the models. They spoke of her nails in the video's narration and we saw nail polish being applied to mom, as well, which means she was a lover of nail art, like myself.

Since she took a fondness to a good glitter nail, having something like it on the models or even in the pics with the accessories would’ve been something to see. We know mom is with them, though. We know she’s beyond proud. And so are we. Bryce Glen is our ancestors' wildest dreams.


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