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Eggshell Nails


•Pick a base color

*which is the color of the overall nail

•Paint two coats of base color

•Cure after each coat of chosen polish shade

•Use a brush with a slight flare, or varying lengths of bristles

•Dip brush into polish and tap away excess

*This is done so that no large amounts of polish are deposited

•Tap brush along the nail, creating specks of varying sizes and shapes.

*Turn the brush and use sides to get different amounts of polish onto the nail, resulting in lots of speckle variance.


*This is curing both the base color and the color used for the speckles

•Use a matte top coat

*The texture of this topcoat most closely resembles an egg's natural matte texture.

•Paint on one coat of matte topcoat


•Now you’ve done a super cute eggshell design!

*This look can be done on natural nails and nail tips.

These eggshell nails are perfect for Easter 🐣


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