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Coco Kind Chlorophyll Mask

It’s the time of year for wrapping up all the holiday shenanigans and beginning anew. That means pampering your skin because we all know that the holidays mean tons of energy and some stress too. No worries, let me share a product that will change your skin.

When I say change I mean just that. No exaggeration here. Coco Kind’s Chlorophyll Mask unveils a new you in no time. Say goodbye to dull, dry, irritated skin and hello to fully plump, moisturized, detoxed you.

Throw 2020 away, as fast as you can, and move into the new year, new me energy that this chlorophyll mask serves. The big skincare is self care energy in this product is undeniable.

Coco Kind’s chlorophyll mask has become one of my staples. I’m so grateful to them for sending me this because my skin was showing the wear and tear of 2020 in such a huge way. My largest organ was clogged and lacked luster.

You know that feeling of wanting your skin to be made over as if by magic by one product? Their chlorophyll mask full on delivers that and more. Because after you’re done using the facial the skin benefits continue with a lovely glow and all out detoxification.

This clearing out is different from other detoxing practices because it’s so gentle. Not to mention that this mask is fully customizable, too. If you need even more moisture and some healing, add honey. Need clarification? Add some egg whites. I’m telling you, you need this mask in your life. Trust. Get your new year, new you, on, girl 🧖🏽‍♀️


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