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Cancer Scares

Then along came cancer scares. Adding on even more to what I was already going through felt a lot like ‘when it rains it pours’. There I was battling numerous reproductive disorders when my doctor noticed a significant growth. All of a sudden I found myself going through the rigors of is it or isn’t it the big C. 

There are few words that can encapsulate how the process of determining if you have cancer or not feels, especially if there have been members of your family, or even friends that have passed away due to that horrible illness, like I have. The closer those passings are to home, the darker it gets. There is a sudden gripping of fear that happens the moment you even hear the word, cancer. 

It doesn’t matter if the doctor is telling you that you need to be screened for it or what, that fear instantly takes hold of you. You begin to mull over your life, the things you’ve done, the things you still want to do. Then the pleading starts, “Please, please don’t let me have cancer!” The process of determining if you are sick with the big C is a rigorous one. 

After undergoing surgery to remove the mass it was determined that I did not have cancer. Then it happened again... and again... and again. Multiple masses meant multiple surgeries. Recall what I said about that initial feeling, now multiply it ten times. That’s how it is going down that “is it or isn’t it cancer” road if you experience it more than once. 

It is rigorous to endure even one cancer scare. Making my way through multiple scares was treacherous. But, in they were all just that- scares. And I did get through them.


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