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b.a. Sweetie Candy Company: Ohio Travel Blog Post

I’m not sure if you know this or not, but I have a sweet tooth. A SERIOUS sweet tooth! I end most meals with something sweet, or, at least I used to. Now, I am working on being as healthy as I can be so I know now that the meal can be finished whether or not it ends on a sweet note. But I still yearn for that great ending to every meal and every snack.

So when were told there was a candy warehouse in Ohio we couldn’t believe it. I certainly didn’t. I thought it was something my friend was telling me because she knows my affinity for candy. In order to confirm there is such a grand place that actually exists on earth, we had to venture there and check it out. Girl oh girl, were we not disappointed.

b.a. Sweetie Candy Company warehouse is like a sweet tooth wonderland! Not only does b.a. Sweetie Candy Company have oodles of candy, they have a super selection of my favorite food in the whole world: popcorn! There are all kinds of flavors of the stuff. Any taste you’ve ever imagined, it’s there. As a matter of fact, with over 4500 sweets selections, if you are longing for old favorites or even something unique, they’ve got it.

Each section of the store caters to a type of candy. There’s a taffy portion, hard candies, and even blocked candy for building candy sculptures. All throughout the warehouse they have fun candy creations, too. It’s a fun time! Even if you’re pulling back on sugar, like me, it’s still a great place to go. The place is full of color and friendly faces.

Here I am posing right along with the girl herself- Miss M&M. We are both wearing our cool specs.


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