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B Real Bosses Women’s Empowerment Workshop

Being a speaker at the B Real Bosses Women’s Empowerment Workshop was truly an honor. It was great to be able to touch on the importance of female entrepreneurship and show women how that’s possible for them to accomplish. Women came into the B Real Bosses Women’s Empowerment Workshop wanting to learn how to implement change in their lives and start their own businesses or strengthen their existing endeavors. Watching as they transformed from fearful to bold in the span of hours was remarkable. Goes to show the power of knowledge and how much confidence you can gain when given the information to make your dreams a reality. It was truly humbling to see the women that attended’s transformation and I am honored to have been part of that. Fueling the hearts and minds of women by teaching them the tools to utilize to reach their goals is exactly what Eternal Women specializes in. If you’d like us to speak at your event or teach workshops, please contact us at 

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