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Unique Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is among us, ladies. What are you doing today to celebrate the gift of love that we have all been blessed with? Valentine’s Day usually brings up images of couples holding hands, doing things to usher in the holiday. That’s the usual way to celebrate. But there’s another way you and other women can celebrate: together and alone, whether you are part of a couple or not. I challenge you to think about Valentine's Day in a different way this year. Shift from concentrating on it being about being in a relationship with someone, to that of being in a relationship with yourself and those around you, that you care for and who care for you. If you have never celebrated Galentine’s Day now is the time. Galentine’s is when you get together with friends and/or family and simply rejoice in each other and the joy of being a woman. I was fortunate enough to observe the day with some of my gal pals in the Yankee Air Museum Tribute Rosie’s. How blessed we were to have been able to share Galentine’s with such an extraordinary group of women. We all came together for the common goal of love and continuing to educate about women’s history. While at the Galentine’s Day party we were given the task to dress our Rosie best. There were awards given to the best representations, the Galentine’s Awards. Yours truly won best outfit. I chose to Africanize the Rosie the Riveter outfit/colors, to celebrate the awesome women of color that aided this country during WWII, that still go unacknowledged. We were here before, during, and after. Another way to commemorate the love day is to pour love into yourself. One of the ways you can do this is by repeating a self love affirmation. Repeat after me: I am fabulous I love myself I am worthy and capable of self love I choose to be my own valentine No matter if you are in a relationship or not you should love on yourself, continually. You deserve it. With that I wish all my lovely eternal warriors a happy Valentine’s Day!  

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