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There Is No Such Thing As A Late Bloomer

This is Olivia. When we first started talking with Olivia she was extremely shy and rather withdrawn. When we entered the building Olivia didn’t say anything. She hid and made sure to keep just out of reach. We started by asking her for permission to talk. Then we noted key aspects of Olivia personality and utilized what we learned in speaking with her, in order to help her progress to express herself. THEN Olivia broke right out of that shell. This is us making funny faces, laughing, and having a good time. This was after we uplifted Olivia, listened to her, and helped her feel like her viewpoint is valid and necessary for this world. If you take the time to nurture, they’ll bloom in spectacular ways! For there really is no such thing as a late bloomer. Children, adults, we all bloom when we are ready. Positive seeds need to be planted, as well as tending to the mind and wellness of the person. Olivia drew a picture for me, which I still have. This is her proudly holding her picture. It’s phenomenal isn’t it? Just like her. She truly can do anything she sets her mind to. And so can you.  

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