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Change Is The Only Thing That’s Constant

It’s always interesting to meet people that say they are opposed to change. Or, people that say they have a hard problem with change. Then there are the blog posts and magazine articles that state things like “How go Get Used To Change” or “How To Invite Change Into Your Life”. Well, I have some news for you, folks: change is literally the only thing that is constant in life. If you are bent on not welcoming change, it means that you are resistant to life in some way, or many ways. Only you know what way(s) you are resistant. It could be that you don’t like the feeling of not being in control. Or, perhaps it’s that you have a fear of success. Whatever it is, you can bet that it’s hindering you in some way in your life. Because whether we like it or not, whether we want to acknowledge it or not, change is everywhere, happening at all times, to everyone, and everything. While I was typing the last sentence I changed. As you were reading the last phrase you changed. It’s inevitable. The time it took you to read and me to write has already gone. It changed. Now it’s one minute later. Your viewpoint may have shifted after reading the above paragraphs-change. Your body is now one minute older-change. Perhaps a leaf fell on the ground, announcing the coming arrival of fall-change. The best thing to do in life is change your thinking about change. Sound funny? It needn’t be. People get so accustomed to a way of life, a way of thinking, a way of trying to force life to be, that they don’t embrace that no matter what, you just can’t. You can’t make things stay the same, or people be the same, or even life. Everything must change. The not so great thing is when you try to force things because you’re resistant to change. What ends up happening is things don’t work out or you become unhappy. Because you are going against life’s natural flow. Actually, you’re resisting yourself. Try to think of change as a good thing. Have you ever heard of the phrase “blocking your own blessings”? That’s because you’re not accepting change. You are literally standing in your own way-in the way of change. Change is beautiful, and it’s bountiful. Change is what brings the tide. It’s what let’s children grow up. Change helps you be loved and to love.  

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