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Mystic Kettle Popcorn

Two things we love, nails and yummy eats. Have you had Mystic Kettle yet? They’re a Michigan based company that specializes in popcorn that’s non GMO and has no icky ingredients, and no food allergy triggers. We love supporting female led businesses, like Mystic Kettle, as well as farmers markets, that offer fresh, wholesome foods! You can find Mystic Kettle at the Detroit Eastern Market on the weekends. That’s where Eternal Women found them! We could smell them about a mile away due to our love of popcorn and Mystic’s lovely aroma. Once we found where they were we were greeted with friendly service that was also quick. We were able to dive right into our food find. Of course we asked questions about the popcorn’s ingredients and the Mystic Kettle staff was all too eager to oblige and inform us. While we’re on super Summer finds, this yellow polish called Cope-acabana by OPI is so sunny and bright, perfect for your summer mood. Keep putting your best forward, ladies! Show those claws and shine on! 

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