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Eating Is Cumulative

The other day I was going about adulting and all of a sudden, WHAM!, I felt super woozy. I racked my brain trying to figure out why I felt the way I felt. Until it occurred to me that even racking my brain for reasoning wasn’t working. I hurried and drank some water, and nothing. I ate a little something, and you guessed it, nothing. I still felt awful. I had zero energy and my head felt like it was at the bottom of a swamp. I kept on eating and still felt not so hot. This went on for at least two whole days. Finally, on the third day, I started to feel much more clear-headed. That’s when I figured it out: eating is cumulative. You can still blow me over with a feather about this one. I realized I hadn’t been eating very well leading up to the day I felt lousy. Thus, once I did start to eat it had no effect. Basically, you’ve got to think of food as fuel or that it works for the body as fuel would. If you’ve hit a deficit you’ve got to start to refill your tank. You can’t just start eating again and think that’ll do it. Nope, it won’t! Absolutely everything you eat or ate, or didn’t eat affects you. Everything. Once your tank, ie stomach, has hit E, you have to continually add to the tank by eating. Eventually you’ll get back up to full and feel like yourself again. What do you do if you are at a deficit? 1.Have a nice somewhat dense meal, full of proteins. 2.Add plenty fiber rich foods as well, because those fibrous foods will make you feel fuller, faster. 3.Load up on water. Not just by drinking water, add foods that have a large water content, like melons. Chances are if you’re hungry you’re also dehydrated. Plus, water will carry those nutrients to the different areas of the body where they are needed. 4.Eat consistently! You (and I) should be doing this everyday, especially in extreme weather conditions.  

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