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The Most Important Part of Natural Hair Care

We hope you are getting a kick out of our meme that we made. If you don’t get the reference of the meme let me explain it to you: There was a show named “Fame”, which starred the dancing phenomenon, Debbie Allen. In this shows intro Debbie Allen’s character would state “You want fame? Well, fame costs. And right here is where you start paying, in sweat!” The premise of the statement is that in order to become famous you have to put in the work, and lots of it; that you can’t just hope, you have to use elbow grease. We thought this was the perfect statement as it pertains to natural hair care. Why? Because in order to have long beautiful strands you have to put in the work. That work and the most crucial part of hair care, is wash day. Ya heard us, it’s wash day. Why? Because wash day takes soooooo long and soooooo much work! But wash day is where it’s at. In fact, wash day is the key component to any bossy hair care regime. Let us shed some hair highlights for you (see what we did there?) You must adhere to a schedule for wash day. If you leave the days you wash your hair to chance, your hair will be privy to just that, chance. Natural hair is all about care. How you wash your hair, how often, and with what is all part of the pie. Having a set schedule allows for your hair to stay maintained and moisturized. Because wash day is where you get your moisture. Water is the key to retaining strands. If your hair isn’t getting much needed moisture it won’t thrive. If your hair is bogged down with products, it won’t retain length. Because you need healthy, clean strands in order to soak up products you put on your hair, any products. We all know that wash day requires loads of time and energy. But it’s so worth it! Wash day is the time to analyze what’s going on with your hair, determine what’s needed as well. It is here that you do length checks, see how porous your hair is, and just enjoy all the new coils that have come. So ladies, for the love of all that is curly and bouncy, please honor your hair with routine wash days. We’ll be discussing more about what your wash day absolutely should consist of in posts to come.  

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