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Point of View Park

The United Started is rich in history. If you haven’t travelled the great expanse of land that is the US, this summer is the time to start. In traveling I try to make sure that I not only go to touristy places that are fun to see, but also landmarks that have historical significance. Point of View Park is one such place. Point of View Park is located in the community of Duquesne Heights, Which has been voted one of the best places to live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Point of View Park lies above the area, allowing you to see a truly beautiful view of the city! The Park got its name from a meeting between Seneca leader Guyasuta and George Washington, in 1770. The two men had a lengthy and tumultuous history marked by disagreement about the settlement of the area. The statue that I’m seen with in pictures was dedicated to mark the meeting that took place between the two leaders and the impact they and the war that ensued had on the area, as well as the United States in general. Hence the name Point of View Park; it is a meeting of two totally different points-of-view about how the land of Pennsylvania should have been governed. Seeing Point of View Park was of particular interest to me being that I am of Native American descent. It’s good to see that major points in history were acknowledged. However much strife may have been the result, there is now a commemoration of what transpired. Duquesne Heights and the park offer a unique view of the city of Pittsburgh’s overlay. From the spectacular view you’re gifted a chance to witness the great cityscape! You really come to understand why Pittsburgh is called a city of bridges when looked at from above. One can also see all the beautiful trails that lead to this landmark. If you haven’t seen this part of Pittsburgh put it on your bucket travel list!  

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