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Green Goddess Salad

This weather has been totally topsy turvy. In an effort to help spring along, I've made a delicious spring salad that’s full of nutritious goodness for your body and ours. The avocado is the base of this salad, as I wanted to focus on it being utterly creamy. Plus, avos are full of nutrients that’ll get you lasting energy to power you through your day. The raw sunflower seeds add in a nice crunch, shifting the texture. While the romaine keeps things light and springy. Of course the chicken breast gives even more protein, making this a sustainable meal. The recipe is below. 1 avocado 2 tablespoons raw sunflower seeds 1 shredded chicken breast 2 handfuls of romaine hearts 1 tablespoon Brianna’s ginger dressing If you make this creamy goodness of a meal please share your results with us. Enjoy!  

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