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Almond Breeze Banana Almond Milk

I must’ve passed by this milk a few times before deciding to buy it, give it a whirl as far as experimenting. Making sure that products are actually good for me in terms of overall health are of the utmost importance. In the spirit of making sure that Eternal Women keeps to our word about trying products and giving honest reviews, we concluded it would be good to try Almond Breeze’s all new banana almond milk. The packaging is quite catchy, in all its bright yellow. So, first things first, Almond Breeze did a great job with making sure that the milk carton catches the eye. Second, this product states that it’s made with real bananas. This was the real allure, since it can be difficult to find foods with actual bananas. Most things go with a host of banana flavoring. We’re happy that this drink has actual fruit in it! Next up, this milk is gluten free, dairy free, and lactose, and soy free, making it great for a bunch of dietary types. Onto the taste. Let me tell you, this is one heck of a mammajama in terms of flavor. Almond Breeze really packed it in there! This almond banana milk tastes like the most luscious banana milkshake you could ever hope for. I say shake because, please note, this milk is thick. Thick like heat in July. It is also deliciously creamy. Put it all together and you get the dream-a healthy, food conscious way of enjoying a taste you miss. Pull out this treat when you want something sweet but don’t want to reach for candy. Or, when you want to be reminded of childhood goodies. This milk is perfect for womanly time. It’s sweet but not damaging to the overall diet. Thus able to do some killer craving killing.  

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