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Be Grateful

What do you do in times of turmoil? Is there a pattern that you find yourself repeating over and over? Let’s talk about changing the negative spiral we may find ourselves engaging in, with one shift. This is gonna change your whole outlook, maybe even your entire world… BE GRATEFUL. Be grateful? How is being grateful going to change anything about my situation, you may ask? Being grateful totally changes your mind! Once you shift your mind to that of being thankful, the entire core of things changes too. You go from being negative to being positive. It is in being positive that you open the door TO SEE THINGS DIFFERENTLY! The other day I was upset because my phone was acting super weird. It wouldn’t delete anything I tried to delete. I worked on my phone for almost an hour and still no relief. At this point all out frustration set in as well as negative thoughts about my phone not working as it should, what this would mean for me, and the spiral continued. Then I stopped myself dead in my tracks and said let me try being grateful. I decided that I’m grateful to even have a phone to grapple with. Just like that my mind got less foggy, because the negativity was moving out. Once that started to happen my thinking changed. I calmed down and said I’ll leave my phone alone and come back to it later on. The issue ended up resolving itself later. In my frustration I wasn’t giving my phone a chance to correct itself. Had I not opted for gratitude I would’ve plugged on, getting more and more upset. The next time you’re feeling like a ball of anger, or frustration, or whatever, try being grateful. It’ll make the world of difference. With that being said, Eternal Women is grateful for you, Warrior!  

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