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Natural Skincare

When you begin to make your own skincare products, a whole world opens up for you. As someone with hyper sensitive skin, it can be extremely difficult to find beauty products that target my specific skin concerns. While some products may take the sensitive nature of my skin into consideration, they may also leave out vital ingredients that can nourish. The solution to this problem is making my own skincare products. When combined with other brands the desired outcome can be achieved. Or, natural skincare can be used on its own. For instance, you may make your own skin oil. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use another brands’ skin oil in conjunction with your own. Utilizing your resources as well as others can create a more well-rounded skin care experience. Included in this blog post are pics of my beloved body butter mixture that I’ve been making for eons, now. I love these pictures because they look like galaxies. In fact, that’s what’s open to you once you start making your own things, whole galaxies.  

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