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Eden Park

Oh Ohio! That’s what I thought as soon as I saw Eden Park. It’s definitely what you’ll be saying after you see this spectacular location. When looking up places to go in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, I stumbled upon this goldmine of a city space. While out and about in Ohio, I wanted to find a spot that was tranquil yet encompasses the feel of Cincinnati, and all it had to offer. This place fit the bill perfectly! Eden Park is in the Walnut Hills and Mount Adams area. It’s listed as a simple park but it is so much more! The space offers a mirror lake in the heart of the scape, around which is a beautiful walking trail. The middle of the trail features a stupendous view of the city of Cincinnati. You really get a chance to stop and take the city in. It gives you the feeling of being on top of the city (the world, really). If you and your family have more of a walk in mind, have no fear. There a lots of walking trails all over the area, wonderful for making sure you get your steps in, while enjoying the views, which are numerous. Why not take a walk, then stop for a picnic amongst the meticulously maintained plumage? Eden Park also boasts a grand gazebo and great works of art, literally underfoot. Check out the picture in this post, of the mosaic inside the park. What an intricate piece of work that spans the entire length of a conveniently located seating area. Eden Park is a great place to go and spend the day! The next time you’re in Ohio, or if you live there, stop and see this place. It’s well worth it.  

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