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How to Make Your Nail Bling Stay on Forever

One of the most challenging things about nails is how to make sure that all the lovely nail art that you worked so hard to do, stays on your nails. If you’re like me (or a pro) you’ve been doing nails since forever and experimenting with different products, in order to find the best quality, one that’s cohesive with your nails and skin, and accomplishes what you desire. Enter All Season Professional (ASP) products.  

The bio set resin activator and extender tips are what you need for knockout fabulous blinged out nails that stay put. I mean, really, really! ASP sent me these extender tips to try and girl, oh girl, am I so thankful that they did. You simply pop the extender tips onto the top of resin and voila, you’ve created a super easy way to apply resin. The tips make your application precise too! The extenders allow you to really zero in and put the resin in a specific location. Simply apply the resin where you want your bling, using the extender tips. Then put your crystals on. After that you just spritz a couple pumps of bio set resin activator and the resin will dry instantaneously. I mean instantly, woman! Your fab art will stay put until you take it off. Literally. The same steps and results apply without the extender tips as well. Give ASP products a try and let me know all about your nail adventures. ASP products can be purchased at Sally Beauty Supply. Bling, bling, warriors!  

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