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Join Us On Our Healthy Food Adventures

Do you love trying out new foods? Or, does the idea of doing food experiments scare you a little? Maybe your budget won’t allow for extra spending in the food department? That’s where Eternal Women comes in to help! We at Eternal Women try new nutrition rich foods often. It’s great fun to experience a new type of fare. But we always strive to eat things that will help the body run at its best. So many people nowadays have food allergies, sensitivities, or just plain want to be more conscious about what they put into their systems. We are no different. We concluded that we’d start sharing taste tests taking these things into account. Perhaps you’ve seen some of our food posts in our Instagram and Facebook stories, and twitter, where we try healthy eats. We did this for some time to get a good picture of the interest level. Lo and behold, we received a great response! Many people reacted to our food adventure posts and asked that we do more of them. Even brands reached out to us asking what we thought about the products. So, healthy food adventures is now a thing. We will be sharing new foods and companies as we eat them. That means no fancy filters or fanfare. You’ll get our honest opinion, along with pics of how the food actually looks once it’s prepared; ie how it’ll look in your kitchen or wherever you prepare your meals and snacks. We will share our views so you and yours can have insight. We are so excited about this. Let the healthy adventures begin! As we post, please share your opinions of the products if you’ve had them, or if you venture out based on one of our experiments, please share your thoughts. And feel free to make suggestions for us to try, as well. Happy and healthy eating, warriors!  

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