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Why I Stopped Using Hair Typing Systems Part One

When I initially went natural many, many years ago I came across a fairly new system that categorized hair. This system, hair typing, was established in an effort for women (and men) who embraced being natural, to be able to identify their hair structure, in order to know how to care for it. As the years went by, hair typing changed into including being able to visually identify hair as well as other things. All this was done with intent to help women better care for their strands. Recently, I was over a friends house for a visit, when the conversation turned to my hair and what type it is. I stated the type I believed my hair to be then watched and listened as the entire room turned into a hair typing verbal brawl. One person said I had one number hair type, while another stated a different number. Then yet another person gave reasons as to how my hair could be another number. Then the conversation turned into why my hair could be categorized as one number and not another, until people were shouting over each other. After this disagreement I looked into hair typing in Facebook hair groups, on Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. I saw the same types of arguments that I had been in over my friends house. I also viewed new and improved hair charts, others trying to identify their hair types, and a couple things became abundantly clear: 1.Hair typing is confusing. 2.Hair typing often drives a wedge into the natural hair community. I'm going to unpack these views in the coming blog posts. For now, what are your views on hair typing? Are you for or against hair typing? 

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