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Dr Granville Moore’s

Imagine being welcomed to your favorite place in Belgium. It’s been a hard day at work, so you decide to stop in at your regular comfy spot, to take your mind off of things. You take up Brenda, the waitresses suggestion of a specially brewed ale. Next you dive into a hot delicious plate of mussels. You take a glance around at the warm surroundings and feel much more at ease. The thing is, you don’t have to imagine all this, because it’s real and possible. Minus Brenda and plus or minus the ale (more on that later). While there may be no wait staff members whose name is Brenda (there may or may not be. I just thought up Brenda to go with my story), the rest of the above imaginings and more can become a reality if you go to Dr Granville Moore’s in Washington DC. Dr Granville Moore’s is located in the heart of DC and is a welcome reprieve for all that ails you. From the moment you step in to Granville Moore you are transported to Belgium. The atmosphere is a tad bit dark and the lighting is dim, so as to immediately evoke calm. It makes you feel like you’ve left the hustle and bustle of the city and gone on an instant vacay. 

While I do not partake, Granville Moore’s has quite a variety of ales to choose from. If you’re a beer connoisseur you’ll have a grand time trying out different brews. I was there to experience the food, and experience I did. The mussels, wings, fries that were ordered did not disappoint in the slightest. Three of my very favorite things happened: the food came quickly, it was hot, and utterly delicious. The mussels were fresh and the seasoning was great. They were not chewy nor overdone. The mussels paired well with the flavoring of the fries, to give a harmonious experience. The wings were the top off, since they had just enough spice to be titillating but weren’t so spicy as to be overwhelming.  Also, the staff was quite friendly and very upbeat. Overall, the Dr Granville Moore’s experience accomplished what it boasts on their website: it was cozy with great food and an awesome atmosphere.  

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