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Statement Rings

What’s one thing that can take any outfit from zero to ten with very little effort? If you guessed a statement ring, you’re spot on! I discovered statement rings during a time where I had to wear a neutral toned outfit to an event. After getting dressed it just felt like the outfit wasn’t complete. I looked over the ensemble a multitude of times and still couldn’t put my finger on it (pun intended). I was trying to find a way to express how I was feeling inside and relate it to my clothes. That’s when I happened to glance over and see a ring that I had forgotten I had. It’s a huge gold knuckle covering ring in the shape of a honeycomb. It was love at first purchase and I hadn’t had a chance to wear it since that day. I popped the bee loving bauble onto my finger, and voila, my outfit was transformed. My ring took the digs up to another level. If you ever need to transform any outfit, reach for a fun statement ring. In the meantime, check out my fab honeycomb ring. Whaddaya think? I absolutely love it! 

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