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Susan Ciminelli Skin Care

Where you can purchase 👉🏽 Susan Ciminelli

I was introduced to Susan Ciminelli products via, you guessed it, Instagram. The spa lover in me was lounging on a day not unlike today and I happened upon a post the company did about its cleansing milk. Before I knew it I had been sent a lovely package of products to try. The products I received were: Special Reserve Cleansing Milk Toning Formula 

Let’s unpack these products, shall we? First things first, the Cleansing Milk. This stuff is pretty much for sensitive skin having Warriors like myself. It gets all the makeup, gunk out but in the most gentle way. Cleansing milk is especially suited for those that need a moisturizing cleansing formula. Is it doesn’t strip your skin. It’s gentle yet effective. Next up we have the Toning Formula. This product is full of natural skin goodies like, rosemary, thyme, and peppermint. While it packs a punch in the toning department, please be careful if you have allergies to any of the main three ingredients above. As for when I used it, I felt a nice tingling sensation. The smell also took me to the spa that is forever at the forefront of my mind and to-do list. Lol. The Toning Formula is crisp and stimulating in nature. Great for getting those pores in order. Lastly, we’ve got Special Reserve. I like to think of Special Reserve as a skin treat. During times like when your skin has been exposed to wind (hello winter) and harsh elements, and when your hormones are running all over the place, this is the stuff of legend to use. It’s even collagen boosting, so it’s a win-win. Calm, soothed, enriched skin. Booyah! If the skin care lover in you wants to try new products might I suggest Susan Ciminelli. It’ll be so worth it. The link to her site is above. Have a wonderful day you sensational warrior!  

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