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New Year New You

People express mixed feeling about the phrase “new year, new me.” There are a few camps as far as where individuals stand with regards to the statement. Some literally hate hearing it and feel that there is nothing new about the year, the calendar and the person just rolls over into another date. Others feel indifferent toward it and see the new year as nothing special. While the third camp views the new year as a time of renewal and possibility. Which school of thought do you belong to? I’m challenging you to be the latter. Even if it’s not your usual bent, so much can be learned by approaching the new year with a positive viewpoint. Those who see the new year as nothing special are also the types that don’t welcome newcomers to the gym. But here’s the thing: we were all beginners at something at one time or another. When you throw down a judgemental gauntlet on the new year, you also hinder yourself from experiencing new possibilities, and from personal growth. This may also extend to those around you, and those that have yet to appear in your life. 

The new year is a time to reflect on your past, yet embrace the future. Take this time to take stock of who you’ve been, and take note of who you want to become. Then move toward that person, positively.  

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