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Warren Michigan’s Hidden Holiday Gem

Christmas is upon us. That’s right, it seems like we were just saying happy new year, and now it’s already time to pour the vegan eggnog. If you’re anything like me, you’re always on the hunt for wonderful events and activities that help you get into the holiday spirit. This year I wanted to share a remarkable space with you that few people may know about: the tunnel of lights Christmas display in Warren, Michigan. The tunnel of lights is located at twelve mile and Schoenherr Road, on a street named Eiffel. If you’re wondering why I haven’t given an exact address, it’s because you literally can’t miss it. This is one of the coolest holiday displays you’ll ever see. What started out as one families decorations has turned into a treasure for the city of Warren and the state of Michigan. The Skurda family began this gloriously lit tradition in 2009. There are not one, but many tunnels of lights, actually; Along with Christmas music playing, animated figurines, a life size gingerbread house, and more. Check out our Instagram for video and pics of the epic light exhibit. The Skurda’s recently faced ticket fines and having to close down their light show. But, awesomely, Warren’s Mayor, Jim Fouts, stepped in and not only dismissed the ticket; he is working with the city attorney to create a Christmas display permit, making sure no residents receive fines due to decorations, AND starting a Christmas decoration competition. Thank goodness the light show was saved because it is a wonderful site that everyone should see!  

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