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Silk Vegan Creamer

I must say that I came into trying this new non dairy creamer with some scepticism. Over the years I’ve had the unfortunate pleasure of being an adventuress of sampling other vegan creamers and it has been err… challenging. Lots of times the formula is watery or just doesn’t have a good flavor. Or, the companies don’t quite nail the texture of a creamer. I’m very pleased to say that isn’t the case with Silk non dairy creamer! I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only was the flavor good, the consistency so closely matched regular creamer, that it would be hard to tell them apart, if compared. I opted for the hazelnut flavor, using almond milk as the plant based milk of choice. I find that flavor pairs well with a crisp peppermint tea. 

The combination was just like I remembered from my cows milk drinking days! Silk creamer is velvety smooth, with no aftertaste. One of the things I was wary of most was the level sweetness. I’m happy to report that this cream doesn’t overload you with sweetness, either. All in all, Silk has produced a wonderful product. Try some today!   

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