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Spread Love this Holiday Season

I was cutting an apple to make a delicious midnight snack, and I looked down and what did I see? A HEART! The Apple was in the shape of a heart. This piece of fruit reminded me in one swift moment that this is the holiday season. It’s time to switch gears and relish in the love that the season brings. It doesn’t matter which religion you are, or if you even practice a religion. What matters is spreading love at this time. This has been an interesting and challenging year. Now is the time to let all that go and bask in the moment. Look around you and get into appreciation of your family, friends, and loved ones. Maybe bake some yummy goodies, do some philanthropy, or just sit and talk. It’s the end of the year, cherish all that has occurred this year, good and not so great. And go forward, in love.  

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