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OTT Earrings

You’re standing in your bedroom trying to pick out an outfit to wear to an event. Because the event is more understated your attire needs to be that way as well. But what if you have a fiery attitude that day and want to amp it up just a notch, to let your personality shine through. Enter OTT earrings. Over the top jewelry can easily take your outfit from 5 to 10 in a matter of seconds. Just putting on a great pair of chunky Do dads can also shift the entire mood of your fit. Let’s say you have on a monochromatic outfit then you pop on a pair of OTT earrings with gold, red, and yellow in them. Now you’ve shifted your outfit and made it go from basic to boom! I totally love the earrings I’m wearing in these pics because of the beautiful art on them. I’m a naturalista and to me these treasures say I take pride in my natural hair without me saying a word. I also adore how colorful my OTT earrings are. I can literally wear any color with them. And, these ornaments were a gift from a friend of mine. So whenever I wear them I think of our sisterhood and what we have in common as WOC. Do you have any OTT earrings you love? Please share them with us at Eternal Women. We’d love to see them.  

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