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The Exfoliating Towel You’ll Swear By

Over the past year there’s been an upsurgence in interest in Korean skincare. Although this may be the case everyone still isn’t super hip to everything about the newest beauty trend, or know where to start if they’d like to explore more about it. If you’re new to Korean skincare you may want to start by trying out Korean exfoliating washcloths. These are also called exfoliating mitts .  

Korean exfoliating mitts are little rectangular cloths that fit over the palm of your hand. You simply put them over the tips of both the left and right hands, add a cleanser, and commence to rubbing. The mitts that I’m reviewing here actually only fit over the length of your fingers. And I was super shocked to find that they shrink quite a bit. So if you have large hands using this product may take some savvy maneuvering. Also, even with smaller hands you might still need to do some adjusting as you go. I sure did, given how much the washcloths shrunk and their general lack of stretchiness. These little exfoliation power tools did the trick though! It did take me longer than normal to reach optimum smoothness, given the already stated issues, but the cloths packed a powerful punch. Unlike other smoothing tools, the Korean mitts only took one swipe over the skin and all was polished. If you have very rough skin you may want to rub an area a few times but I wouldn’t go rub crazy, since the general nature of these cloths is rather coarse. Once you’re done just rinse the washcloths clean and let them air dry completely. They can be reused until they no longer feel like they’re exfoliating as well, or appear rundown. You can even machine wash them too. Let me know what you think about these little gems if you decide to try them. They can be purchased here. Happy home spa warriors! 

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